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Topology of polymers and related topics
in physics, mathematics and biology

26,27,28,29, August, 2008

Panasonic Auditorium,
Yukawa Hall,
YITP, Kyoto University

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Recently, topological effects of ring polymers have attracted much attention in various fields of science such as physics, biology and chemistry. DNA knots, knots in proteins, and synthetic ring polymers have been extensively studied not only theoretically but also experimentally. Furthermore, their properties are described in terms of their topology. The topology of a ring polymer is described by its knot type, and it does not change under thermal fluctuations. The topology of polymers may affect the macroscopic properties of the system, and it is particularly interesting in soft matter physics.

In the workshop ``Knots and soft matter physics: topology of polymers and related topics in physics, mathematics and biology'', participants will be able to exchange their knowledge and ideas with many researchers of various different backgrounds, and thus contribute to the development of this interdisciplinary branch of science.

A. Stasiak (Universite de Lausanne),
K. Shimokawa (Saitama Univ.),
K. Tsurusaki (Kanagawa Industrial Tech. Inst.),
H. Takano (Keio Univ.),
M. Imai (Ochanomizu Univ.),
T. Deguchi (Ochanomizu Univ.)